Friday, January 29, 2016

Made Just a Little Lower Then the Angels

For those who know, caring for loved ones can be tiring and at times without anybody's fault, hurtful. But there is  a light to all of this and I would like to share it as I have worked with people and animals.

We are like our animal friends in one aspect.  We get hungry and thirsty.  We are demanding and want our needs fulfilled at this moment.  We have instinct.  We also have a Spirit.  God has given us more things, like a Soul.  He has given us intelligence to reason to understand and to create.  We are told to be stewards of all living things on the earth as well as the earth.

I worked with an Alzheimer's Patient who was fortunate enough to be one who laughed  and joked and as my father used to say,  "ornery".  Always kidding and being stubborn about eating lunch or taking his medicine and laughing about it, he would talk to me about everything and I would try to follow along, kidding and joking with him.  This man was a jewel.  He showed me how wonderfully we are made.

Each day, as the cognitive and reasoning part of this man was taken from him, I realized that special gift God gave only to us.  I was thankful that in spite of this disease's progression on us, it doesn't take our Soul away.  We are still wonderfully made.  We do have a bond with our animal friends, but it doesn't bother me because God loves all His creation.  God loves us by the proof of what He did just for us;  His Son.

A devotional and just my two cents.....................

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Five Things Your Dog Wants from You

5 Things Your Dog Wants from You
by VETDEPOT on MAY 11, 2015
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If your dog could dream up the perfect life, you might think it involves a lifetime supply of treats and endless trips to the dog park. While these things may be on your dog’s wish list, most canines crave simple things that make them feel loved, happy, and stable. Below are five things your dog really wants:

1. Guidance: No dog wants to be yelled at for using the rug as a potty spot or chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, but canines don’t instinctively know not to do these things. Setting consistent boundaries early in life and committing to training will not only boost your dog’s confidence and happiness, but it will also strengthen the bond you two have with each other.

2. Stimulation: Dogs may not be able to ask for it with words, but they need both physical and mental activity to ward off boredom and undesirable behaviors. Regular walks, hikes, runs, or games of fetch are all great options to get your canine companion moving. Training sessions, agility activities, and puzzle toys are good ways to keep your dog’s mind sharp.

3. Consistency: Your dog doesn’t want to tag along on your emotional rollercoaster. It can be confusing if you come home one day in a great mood and super grumpy the next. While it’s natural for your days to differ and your moods to change, try to keep your reaction to your dog the same. Dogs need a leader who’s cool, calm, and collected. Consistency applies to a lot of other areas of dog ownership too, including feeding schedules and house rules. When you keep things consistent, you’re giving your dog the best chance to thrive.

4. Socialization: When dogs are exposed to a variety of people, other canines, and situations, they’re less likely to feel fearful or aggressive. If possible, start this exposure at a young age and keep it consistent. Keep in mind that even with the best attempts at socialization, every dog is different and may not have the same level of comfort around other dogs and people. Tailor the socialization to your pup’s individual needs. For canines that don’t do well at the dog park, opt for walks or agility classes instead.

5. Attention to health: Your dog may not know the meaning of a healthy body weight or arthritic joints, but he does know what it’s like to feel good and energetic. Keep up with your canine companion’s health by committing to regular vet checkups, opting for a healthy dog food, keeping up with flea control, and not neglecting things like dental care. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

I had a sandwich and something to drink at the Atlanta Bread Company Thursday with some new colleages and friends. Two fairly new (about two years) companies in the pet sitting, dog walking and horse care area have been doing business in Pelzer and the southern Greenville area.  We talked for about an hour or so before we all had to leave and do evening pet sits and walks.  It's great to have fellow pet sitters to talk with as this business can be somewhat lonely because of the lack of human contact.  Pets are great to relax you and to lower your blood pressure and have fun with, but it is a good respit to come home to or call another human being and talk for awhile.