Friday, January 29, 2016

Made Just a Little Lower Then the Angels

For those who know, caring for loved ones can be tiring and at times without anybody's fault, hurtful. But there is  a light to all of this and I would like to share it as I have worked with people and animals.

We are like our animal friends in one aspect.  We get hungry and thirsty.  We are demanding and want our needs fulfilled at this moment.  We have instinct.  We also have a Spirit.  God has given us more things, like a Soul.  He has given us intelligence to reason to understand and to create.  We are told to be stewards of all living things on the earth as well as the earth.

I worked with an Alzheimer's Patient who was fortunate enough to be one who laughed  and joked and as my father used to say,  "ornery".  Always kidding and being stubborn about eating lunch or taking his medicine and laughing about it, he would talk to me about everything and I would try to follow along, kidding and joking with him.  This man was a jewel.  He showed me how wonderfully we are made.

Each day, as the cognitive and reasoning part of this man was taken from him, I realized that special gift God gave only to us.  I was thankful that in spite of this disease's progression on us, it doesn't take our Soul away.  We are still wonderfully made.  We do have a bond with our animal friends, but it doesn't bother me because God loves all His creation.  God loves us by the proof of what He did just for us;  His Son.

A devotional and just my two cents.....................